FIRSTLY – Streamlining your business

A key benefit of having Dynamics AX is that it increases the efficiency of your business, using various techniques. This is especially important in times of economic downturn and when being competitive is a key factor for success. The ERP system is a proven solution for companies who need tools that support the business decision making.

Microsoft Dynamics AX ensures optimal processing of all information recorded in the system. Through its multi-layered architecture, it also provides data availability from external sources as well as remote system operation in any configuration.


Implementing an ERP class system should not be pricey to the company – it is an investment. An investment with quick returns by reducing costs in many business areas:

  • Due to the integrated nature of the system, data is only introduced once, and the system takes care of transferring it from other modules – this allows the user to quite significantly increase the efficiency.
  • Dynamics AX enables notable optimization of logistics processes (orders, transport, storage) – which significantly reduces the amount of goods that a company needs to store in order to meet customer demand.


The primary source of having the competitive advantage of a company is usually a unique way of doing things, know-how, gained by having first hand experience through years on the market. Enhanceing the company’s marketplace possition.

Dynamics AX is an extremely versatile system that is adaptable to the business model. This flexibility is achieved in several ways:

  • The open source code allows for easy customization of the system logic to fill all the requirements of a specific customer, as well as developing the system with the need to change, 
  • An easy-to-customize user interface that allows the system to be set up tailer made for you,
  • The user interface is built similarly to tools that are the most common for businesses such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office – much more convenient for you.


In times of economic crisis, nothing is more important than the ability to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Dynamics AX system supports company’s operations in this area:

  • The extensive CRM module (customer relationship management) allows you to collect a large amount of customer information making it easier to adjust to your customers’ needs,
  • Automation of sales activities (campaigns, telemarketing) and integration with Microsoft Outlook gives reduced sales costs and improved communication both inside the company and with customers,
  • The right customer information management significantly increase their loyalty to your business, 
  • The integration of modules within the system allows you to shorten order processing time (from invoice inquiry), which increases customer satisfaction.


In today’s rapidly changing economy, decision-making speed is one of the most important factor for business success. However, in order to be able to make quick decisions it is vital to have quick access to any information about the state of the company and its environment . Microsoft Dynamics AX provides such access and decision support:

  • Data is recorded and stored in a single database, regardless of the geographic structure of the company – this allows access to this data in real time without any delays,
  • Data entered in one module affects the information visible in all other modules – which improves the flow of inside information,
  • Extensive reporting capabilities allow you to analyze your business across multiple sections.


In many businesses, significant costs savings are generated by the optimal configuration of business processes (for example, intra-company flow processes). The implementation of the Dynamics AX system allows for the ordering and optimization of these processes, leading to faster decision-making processes and the ability to achieve specific savings. Here are some examples of how Dynamics AX leads to streamlining business processes:

  • Defining in the system the specific paths that the process runs – the user no longer has to wonder to where the information in the company should be sent, the system will do it,
  • Easy user management allows you to accurately and quickly identify the flow of information within the company. 


Investing in an ERP solution is, in most cases, a very important step in the company development process. That is why it is so important to ensure that its use will bring benefits to the company both in the short and in the long run. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a tool just for that thing:

  • The manufacturer of the system, Microsoft, is the guarantor of stability and continuity of product development,
  • An extensive network of partners (more than four thousand companies in the world, more than a dozen in Poland) makes the system dynamically developed and adapted to both global economic changes and local conditions,
  • A flexible and precise module that gives users access to information stored in the system gives each user access to the information they need, while protecting the data that is critical to the company.